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Budgeting 101: Family Expenses

May 28, 2021

There is no end when it comes to money. Always new problems, tips and tricks, breakthroughs, and so on. Especially when it is about the family expenses. And housewives play a critical role here to make sure the family expenses stay within the budget, otherwise there will be chaos. It’s not uncommon for people to be surprised that instead of going down, their expenses keep going up.

This is why housewives need to be more aware and careful when handling family expenses. You need to watch them closely and carefully. And to help you with that, I have gathered some budgeting tips that can help you stay within your budget.

Create a budget

Obviously, you need to create a budget before you can manage your expenses. Creating a budget can be either fun or challenging for some people. To start you should gather all your financial statements such as bank statements, investment accounts, past utility bills and other expenses, credit card bills, recent receipts, and mortgage statements. These documents are needed to get a good understanding of your expenses.

Next, calculate your income. So how much income you expect to take each month? If your income is post-tax, then put is net income. Other side jobs should be listed as well. Now, create a list of monthly expenses, you’d be surprised knowing how long this list can be. List everything such as car payments, mortgage payments or rent, insurance, groceries, savings, eating out, child care, travel (always use a promo code when booking accommodations), and so on.

After you’re done, you should have a better understanding of your financial situation. Now you’re free to make adjustments to your expenses. Perhaps some expenses are too much or too little, or even outright unnecessary and should be deleted.

Try to use cash as often as possible

Shopping or buying anything is so much easier now thanks to credit cards, e-wallet, and other cashless methods of buying something. But the problem is, these conveniences often make people over-indulge and ruin their budgets.

This is why you should train yourself to pay with cash. The inconvenience of having to take your money from your wallet or ATM might deter you from over-spending. Credit cards are your biggest enemy here. Stop paying with your credit cards and start paying with cash at hand.

Make saving goals

Another great way to not overspending and to always have enough money for family expenses is by making saving goals. Do you remember when you were still a kid, and you put coins into your saving jar with “snacks” written on it? Well, you can do the same thing with your saving accounts.

You can open up separate savings account for different goals. Let’s say one account for retirement, one for the house, one for college, and one for vacation. This way you’ll have more motivation to save up your monthly income and know how close you’re to achieving your goals.

Use apps to manage your expenses

There are many apps that you can use to manage your expenses better. This is a good alternative for people who are having difficulties managing their monthly expenses. With these apps, you can easily manage your family expenses and always stay within your budget.

Some of the most popular such as Spendee, YNAB, Wally, Toshl, and Zenmoney should be enough for you to start. Each app obviously has a different UI and set of features. Just use one that you think is the best and start from there.

Plan your holidays

Holidays are fun, but people are often underestimating how much they cost until they see their expenses after the holidays are over. This is why you should always prepare for your holidays long before the holiday season.

Set a budget for your holidays and try to stick within the budget. You should think of everything such as accommodation, food, transportation, gifts, and other emergency funds. It’s very important to set a budget for gifts, as people often bought too many gifts during their holidays. Just like before, you can create separate savings account to put your holiday funds in.

No more overspending

I hope these tips could help you always stay within the budget. Family expenses are important, but they shouldn’t disrupt your cash flow and create more financial problems for your family. By creating a budget and following it, your family will be much safer knowing that your finances are taken care of.

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