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7 Ways To Turn The Entire House Into A Playground

May 29, 2021

Do you want to make your kid love being at home and always cheerful every day? One of the best ways to do that is by building them a playground where they can play and let their imagination be free.

And it can be worrying when kids can’t even go outside due to the pandemic. Even when kids are finally allowed to go to the park, many parents are still worried about the virus.

But not everyone has enough space or the skills to build a playground. Not to mention that some playground ideas are way too expensive for most parents.

This is why I’m writing this article, to share with every parent some of the best ideas to turn the entire house into a playground. I was looking for ideas that are not only fun but also easy, cheap, and flexible.

Swing in the living room

If you don’t have a yard or a tree outside where you can build a swing on, then why not build it indoors? And the living room is the best place to build it, so your kid will want to stay in the living room more and play together with you.

Make sure the swing is far enough from the walls, furniture, or TV, so the swing can really go far and high without hitting anything. As for the materials, you can pretty much use anything available.

Giant hammock

Everyone loves sleeping on a hammock, especially a giant hammock that is hanged up in the backyard. Hammock with webbed design is the best one for this kind of hammock.

If doing this in an apartment or indoors, just make sure that you have enough space between the first and second floors. And use what space you have to hang the hammock on. For more security, you can place the hammock so that the walls are covering all the exits.


So there is this awesome product that can turn your stairs into a slide in a few seconds. Simply unfold the padded base to entirely cover your stairs, assemble the safety bumpers, and let your kids play.

The top part of SlideRider is weighted, so it won’t slide off. The bumpers will cushion the impact to the walls and the bottom end is also equipped with a landing pad. When your kids are done playing, you can pack everything back in, and store them somewhere. The entire process is very easy and painless.

Indoor climbing wall

I’ve seen this a lot, and I got to say I am very intrigued. If your kid is very active physically, you might want to install this on your wall. Many companies are offering the installing service as well, so you don’t have to do it yourself.

The height and width can be adjusted depending on how much space you have. You can also install a safety harness on top of the wall. I’ve seen many kids try climbing these in their homes and looked so happy doing it.

Pillow fortress

We can’t forget about the classic pillow fortress. Pillow fortress is the easiest and cheapest “playground” that you can build together with your kid. Gather all the pillows and blankets, and put them on top tables and chairs, which have been arranged before.

You can build a fortress in the living room for more space. For more interesting ideas, you can use Christmas lighting, dolls, books, and snacks.

Indoor sandbox

Kids love playing in the sand. And you can build your own indoor sandbox for cheap. Simply get an inflatable pool and fill it with sand instead of water. The size of the pool can be as big as you want. Just make sure that you can fill at least ½ of it with sand. One indoor sandbox can provide hours and hours of entertainment for your kid.

Indoor ball pit

Speaking of inflatable pools, you can also use them to make your own ball pit. No kids can resist the ball pit. Just simply get enough plastic balls to fill your pool with. The entire pool should be filled to the brim with plastic balls. Maintenance should be very easy, and the ball pit can last for a long time.

Build your own indoor playground

Now that you’ve learned how to turn your house into a playground, what are you waiting for? It should be very easy to get the materials needed in this article. You can order it online or go to a nearby toy store.

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