About the Author

Hi there! I’m Melissa. I’m a full-time mom by day, aspiring blogger by night, and welcome to my website! My family and I live in Connecticut. We’re a family of 3 energetic kids, 1 very laidback back dad, and me! I used to be an accountant and a mom, but now I chose to just be a mom. There’s nothing more fulfilling than seeing my kids grow up before my eyes and see how they progress in life little by little. My new role wasn’t easy at first. There was a time when I felt like I wasted my education and my career, but whenever I look at my kids, I remember that it was ALL WORTH IT. 😊

I created this blog for all the moms (and dads) out there who’s looking for a guide and some family life hacks. I have topics from family & relationships, to household things and budgeting, which I know best! 😀 I hope you find my content purposeful. Lots of love, Melissa.