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5 Online Business For Busy Housewives

May 28, 2021

Being a housewife is tough. From endless house chores, taking care of kids, cooking, and other responsibilities to keep the family happy and the house clean. Many people even argue that if being a housewife were a paid job, they would earn £30,000 minimum.

In this day and age, many housewives have the chance to earn money while still being inside the house and taking care of their kids. The emergence of online businesses opened up an opportunity for busy housewives to make a side hustle. It’s also not uncommon for housewives to end up making more money than their husbands who are working full-time.

If you’re also aspiring to be a business owner as a housewife, I have gathered a list of popular and promising online businesses that you can run from home. Are you ready to challenge yourself?

Baked goods

I personally love this online business idea as I’m pretty sure many housewives have tried to bake cookies, brownies, slices of bread, cakes, or biscuits in the past. If you’re one of them, and you think you’re good enough, why not turn your skill into a business?            

The best thing about selling baked goods is experimenting with new creations, which can be done pretty much every day. You won’t get bored with it, and you can increase your revenue by selling new or limited-edition baked goods. Also, if you have tried baking before that means, you already have pretty much all the tools to start the business.

Handmade jewelry

Similar to baked goods, some housewives are skilled at creating handmade jewelry. One advantaged of this business over baked goods is that you don’t have to worry about when you’re going to sell the goods. You can keep experimenting until you can make something good enough to sell and sell them whenever you are ready.

Many housewives also love buying handmade jewelry, thanks to their unique designs and charms. A great idea to promote your creations is by using tricks that are popular within the photographer community. You can buy a photography kit online and make professional-quality pictures easily. Next, you can promote them via social media or local WhatsApp groups.

Virtual assistant

Running an online business isn’t always about selling stuff. You can also offer services such as a virtual assistant. Perhaps, you have worked as an assistant before, and want to put your experience to good use.

Many companies are also looking for virtual assistants. Virtual assistants do many things from handling communication with clients, keeping track of the schedule, handling social media, and many other things. Discuss the scope of your job beforehand with the client. Get a good idea of what you’re doing once you accept the job and set an appropriate fee.

Online private tutor

If you love teaching and great at it, you can be an online private tutor and teach right from your home. If you’ve taught your kid before, then you should know what to expect. The biggest challenge would be keeping up with the school and come up with the best learning material for your students.

Competing against other private tutors can be a challenge as well, especially if you’re just starting. There are so many private tutors out there, so you should be able to present yourself well and be different.

Affiliate marketer

Are you well-versed in certain niches and great at selling products? Maybe being an affiliate marketer is the best solution for you. Affiliate marketers are people who promote certain products sold on eCommerce platforms such as Amazon, eBay, and others. They don’t sell the items themselves as they only promote them. And they get paid by commission.

If you can pick a certain niche that is not too crowded and still popular enough, then you could make some serious money. Many successful affiliate marketers did this route before, and they can keep changing their strategies as they go. You need to be able to write well and create an interesting website that can attract visitors. The more visitors you get, the more chances they might convert into a buyer and the more commission you’ll earn.

Working from home is really fun

Another thing that I want to say is how fun working from home is. I am pretty sure many housewives didn’t even think of the revenue when they first started. It all started as a hobby, interest, or curiosity.

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