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6 Effective Tips To Make Your House Look Bigger

May 27, 2021

Living in a packed and crowded city with kids at home can make anyone inside the house feeling trapped. In the age where many people are working or running a business from home, it is very important to boost your mood in the house.

There are plenty of ways to do that, but a favorite of mine is making my house seems bigger than it actually is. And it is surprisingly effective too, one small change can make feel free and uncaged. Therefore, I want to share with you these effective tips to make your house looks bigger.

Monochromatic color scheme

Colors play a big factor in your perspective of the size of your house. The more colors you use, the smaller the house will feel to you. This is why you should use colors that are in the same category or family. In other words, use one-tone color for your rooms. You can enhance this effect by using cool and delicate warm colors on the walls of a small room. Be sure to always get your painting done by a professional such as and others.

For the floor, you can use rugs with the same color scheme and small prints to enhance the size of the room. Remember that large prints could make a small room feel even smaller. It is also recommended to use rugs that are darker than the walls and ceilings.

Use small furniture

Big furniture does not go well with a small room. If you want to make your room or entire house feels bigger, then you need to use small furniture. Try to leave a little air or gap between the sides of your furniture and the walls. If you can’t see the walls, then perhaps your furniture is too big.

Heavy furniture is also a bad idea. For example, you might not need a big heavy sofa since a sleek sofa or chair will give you enough space to sit down. Other big or tall furniture that can be hanged on the wall, e.g. a piece of art or statement piece, should be hanged on the wall to save a lot of space.

Let more light in

Natural light is your best friend, and you should let it in without problems. You can make your house looks bigger by letting in as much light as possible. To do this check your windows first. Are they dirty or blocked? If yes, then you should fix them immediately. If you have the money, making a new window frame with a better design could be a great idea.

Put more mirrors

If you’re into mirrors, you should try putting big mirrors in some areas of the house. Mirrors can create a sense of openness and tricking the eye into perceiving more space. Putting mirrors is also a great way to reflect natural light to every corner of the house. Your kid will definitely love these mirrors as well.

Make sure people can walk without being obstructed

Every entryway in the house should be unobstructed. Everyone should be able to walk in and out of the house and rooms with ease. You should also think about the view; if your view is blocked by any pieces of furniture then move them away.

Go minimalist

Minimalism is very popular nowadays and for a very good reason. Living space is very expensive and people are demanded to be very efficient with what they got. And minimalism is the answer for many people.

Living a minimalist requires two things: creativity and simplicity. If you have these two things, being a minimalist can be a reality. Anyway, it is very actually very easy if you think about it, get a low profile or compact furniture, don’t buy things that you don’t need, and utilize smart designs to make things portable and moveable.

You can find many great ideas on the internet. If you’re good at creating DIY furniture, you’ll love the challenge that minimalism brings.

I hope you can make some improvements with these tips

These tips should be easy enough to follow and could bring decent results with how you perceive your house. With little improvements you make over time, you too can finally get the house that fits your tastes and relaxes your body and soul.

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