Snapback vs. Baseball Cap: What Are the Differences?

April 3, 2022

Hats are a pretty stylish article of clothing that can either be used for aesthetic purposes or practical purposes. You’ve probably seen people on the streets wearing all sorts of caps, but did you know there’s a functional difference between a snapback vs. baseball cap?

It’s definitely not something that many people spend their days thinking about. After all, despite their appearance, they’re the same right?

Wrong! There are a few differences between snapbacks and baseball caps. If you’re interested in learning more, feel free to keep on reading.

The Anatomy and Purpose of a Baseball Cap

Baseball caps are probably the first things that come to mind when someone mentions any type of hat or cap. Especially in the United States, these items are staples of the American fashion sense, due to the sports associated with them, such as baseball, golf, and tennis.

Baseball caps are a simple type of soft cap with a rounded brim. The brim is designed in a way to shield the face and eyes from the sun, which makes it ideal for sports (hence the baseball in the name). The brim is also less wide than that of a snapback, making it ‘smaller’ than a snapback.

The baseball cap also has multiple panels that are soft which allow for more breathability and flexibility. There’s also a button on the top connecting all the panels. The angle between the cap and the brim is also much wider, giving it a more curved appearance than that of a snapback.

Baseball caps are quite simplistic in design, usually only coming in one color and with a logo. 

The Anatomy and Purpose of a Snapback

Snapbacks are of course very similar to baseball caps, in both function and appearance. Yet, they differ in many ways.

The most obvious and fundamental difference is the brim. Snapback brims are much harder, wider, and are flat. You’ll often see a sticker or two on them which shows the place you got it from, plus the quality of it.

Snapbacks have 5-6 panels similar to that of baseball caps but are much thicker and not as flexible. The angle between the brim and the cap is also at a 90° angle, which creates more space between the head and the hat.

Snapbacks don’t serve as well as shaders because of their clunkiness and inflexibility. They’re mainly used for style and are typically more customizable than baseball caps.

Key Difference Between Snapback vs. Baseball Cap

Outlined so far are the small differences that separate a snapback hat from a baseball cap. Though the biggest difference, aside from the brim, is the closure material.

Baseball caps are typically made from some type of metallic material for their closures. On the other hand, snapbacks use plastic. This makes it more sturdy for people who use baseball caps for sports and athletic activities. 

You’ll often find that some baseball caps even use a velcro closure instead of metal. This might be preferable and is one of the baseball cap buying tips we’d recommend as the metal may be irritating for some people.

Need More Fashion Advice?

While the difference between a snapback vs. baseball cap is small, it’s important to know, especially if you have an intended purpose for buying one, such as a gift to an athlete.

Either way, they’re both stylish and are good for their intended purposes.

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