Why Would My CBD Vape Oil Be Turning Dark Brown/Black?

November 16, 2022

A change in colour can sometimes be normal, and other times it might be an indication of an expired product, depending on the type of product referred. In regular e-liquid that carry nicotine, a change in the colour of the vape juice indicates that it has surpassed the best-before date. What about CBD eliquid? Does it also mean that the liquid has gone bad?

What Is CBD Vape Oil Made Of:

CBD Oil and CBD vape oil are different from each other. As the name suggests, cannabidiol oil is an oil-based cannabinoid product. The CBD extract is added to a carrier oil, such as Hemp oil and MCT oil, that usually does not carry any additional flavour. Meanwhile, vape oil is used in vaping devices, such as CBD Disposabledevices, and has Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerine, flavours, and CBD extract.

It is like nicotine e-liquid in composition. If you wanna try CBD Disposable vape orange county CBD disposable best product for you to use, as it is very trending and popular among cbd vapors.

Why Does CBD Vape Oil’s Colour Change:

Due to the ingredients present in the CBD vape juice, it is normal for it to turn dark brown after staying still for a few days. Turning into a darker shade of liquid is normal as the bottle does not contain any preservatives. This can also occur if you have not kept your vape oil at regular room temperature or you put it in direct sunlight. Here are two major reasons why it happens:


When you use your CBD eliquid in a vape kit and inhale and exhale regularly, you expose the vape oil to oxygen, which is the major cause of oxidation. Due to this, the colour of your vape juice can turn dark brown or black. It is a normal process and does not mean that your e-juice has turned bad. You can still use it unless it gives a burnt taste.

Exposure To Heat:

In a CBD disposable, the e-liquid is repeatedly heated and cooled down. The constant exposure of the vape juice to heat also leads to a change in colour. It turns dark even when it is exposed to sunlight for longer periods. You can shake the e-liquid bottle or the vape tank and continue using it. If the liquid consistency is not the same even after shaking, you might need to change your vape liquid.

How To Prevent The Darkening Of CBD Vape Oil:

If you want to have a good CBD vaping experience and want each component to be at its best, you need to pay attention to a few things; some are given below:

  • Avoid keeping your e-juice bottle in direct sunlight; this will help avoid accelerated darkening.
  • Try not to leave your vape device containing CBD oil in a heated place for a long time to prevent colour change.
  • Store it in a cool, dry place that does not have too bright light; this will prevent your e-juice from becoming black.


Darkening of the CBD Oil is normal when you vape it on a constant basis due to oxidation. Heat and oxygen cause your vape oil to turn dark brown or black. You can prevent its early onset by following a few guidelines that are mentioned in this blog. If you face this issue, just shake the CBD eliquid bottle and vape away!

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