21 ways to announce your pregnancy
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21 Best Ways To Announce Pregnancy To Family In Person

June 4, 2021

First, I want to say congratulation on your pregnancy! You must be very happy yet anxious about the whole situation, and you might be confused about the best way to announce your pregnancy to your family in person. I also want to remind you to stay healthy during your pregnancy, especially during the lockdown.

When should you announce your pregnancy?

Don’t rush it, make sure you’re ready first before telling anyone about your pregnancy. It’s common for people to wait 3 months before telling family about their pregnancy, while others wait for only a few days.

I think it’d be best for you to wait a day or two to plan a surprise pregnancy announcement for your husband, and after everything is settled down, announce it to your family. Depending on your emotion, you should wait as long as you need to.

How to announce pregnancy to your family?

I get it, it can be nerve-wracking for you, and you want to tell everyone the best way. Don’t stress yourself over it, though, because I am here to help you. Just pick one that you think is the best and will make you the happiest.

21 best ways to announce your pregnancy to family

Here are the 21 best ways to announce pregnancy to family in person.

1. Pregnancy announcement T-shirt

You can get this kind of shirt online – get a pair that say Mom-to-be and dad-to-be. Call your parents that you’re visiting and wear the shirt. Just have a casual conversation and let them notice the shirts themselves.

2. Play a game

Many families play games with each other to enjoy their time together. Before playing a game, suggest games like Pictionary or Kahoot to play with your family. Draw anything baby-related and let them guess.

3. Custom cookie

If you love baking cookies, why not use them to reveal your pregnancy to your family? Either bake or buy cookies that say you’re pregnant or anything related to your pregnancy. You can also add a custom message written on the cookies.

4. Reveal mug

Mugs are a great gift because everyone loves to have a new and shiny mug. You can order custom-made mugs online and ask them to write a message related to your pregnancy. You can use something like ‘promoted to Grandparent’ on the mugs for your parents.

5. During dinner

Dinner is the best time for everyone to come together and have a conversation over a delicious meal. It’s also the best time to announce your pregnancy to everyone in one place. You can announce it yourself or use custom printed wine bottle labels, building a memory value for your special day at customsticker.com with free online design.

6. Puzzle hunt

Using a puzzle hunt to announce your pregnancy is one of the most exciting ways to do it. You can invite your family to a picnic, it doesn’t have to be far away, as long as you can hide the clues in the area. These clues don’t have to be complicated to make them easier to arrange.

7. Printed shirts for kids

If this is your second or third pregnancy, you can order some printed shirts for your kids. Get one with “Big Brother” or “Big Sister” on it.

8. Use a book

Many books are talking about pregnancy, and you can use them to announce your pregnancy to your family. Order a book and gift wrap it before sending it to your family. Or you can leave it somewhere where the book can be found.

9. Chocolate

Have you ever seen those big chocolate boxes with letters written on each chocolate? Well, you can get one that says you are pregnant. Everyone would be delighted to receive this kind of gift from you.

10. Play a guessing game

A guessing game is one of the funniest games to play with family. Invite your family for a game night, and use that chance to slip in clues that you are pregnant. You can say “you are going to be grandparents” or “I am pregnant.” Don’t forget to record the game session.

11. Sport

Playing or watching sport is a good chance to tell everyone that you are pregnant. Perhaps during a game of golf or tennis. Think of some ways to hide the clues that you’re pregnant. You can use golf balls, for example, that say you are pregnant.

12. Premade or custom-made cards

This is without a doubt the easiest to announce your pregnancy without making a fuss. You can get premade or custom-made cards depending on what you want. And send them to each family member and wait until they call.

13. Pregnancy announcement gift box

Many people or stores are selling pregnancy announcement gift boxes that you can use to announce your pregnancy. This is one of the most straightforward and easy ways to do it. And the items inside this gift are nice too.

14. Musical pregnancy announcement video

If you know how to edit videos, why not take one step further and make a musical pregnancy announcement video? This is also a nice idea to announce your pregnancy to long-distance family members, especially your parents.

15. Flowers

Flowers are versatile, they can be used for almost anything, including revealing your pregnancy to the family. Next time you go to your parents’ house, bring them flowers that say they’re going to be grandparents. It shouldn’t be complicated at all.

16. Embroidered ultrasound

I was amazed the first time I heard of this idea. Embroidered ultrasound is one of the coolest gifts you can give to your family and yourself. I really can’t get enough looking at this unique idea.

17. Pregnancy announcement cake

A pregnancy announcement cake is a fun and delicious way to announce your pregnancy to your family. You can get a simple cake with the announcement. This is also a great way for couples who are looking for an easy and effective way to do it.

18. Dress up your dog

Do you have a dog that you love so much? Why not let your dog deliver the good news to everyone? Invite your family over for dinner or something and let your dog join in the fun with a pregnancy reveal bib. Or you can let your dog be the one who welcomes everyone into the house.

19. Pregnancy announcement hat

If you love hats and love wearing them, you should do this to reveal your pregnancy. A big hat with custom-made writing on it would be perfect.

20. Pregnancy announcement plate

Easy gift, easy custom-made order, and useful, pregnancy announcement plate is a great idea to reveal your pregnancy. You can get a cheap custom-made plate for you online.

21. Reveal your pregnancy before dinner

I have talked about revealing your pregnancy during dinner, but before dinner is also a good idea. Share the good news with everyone before they eat the delicious meal for dinner.


Here you go, 21 ways to reveal your pregnancy to your family. These ideas should give you enough inspiration to figure out what you want to do next. I wish you luck and happiness ahead. You could even write an essay about it.

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