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The Benefits Of Building Blocks Toys For Toddlers

May 16, 2022

As we all know, the proper child’s development is supported by parents! 

However, it is difficult for babies and toddlers to sit in one place or to keep their attention on doing a single thing for a long time. 

If you are wondering how can I teach my baby perseverance, and attention in such situations, worry NOT!

We’ve got you covered. 

In this article, we will introduce you to the most interesting game all kids and parents adore… 


Yes, building blocks is an easy game to play with your kid and has many benefits to your child’s development. 

All children, without exception, love to play… 

.. so the main task of parents is to encourage and stimulate the gaming process in every possible way by taking a direct part in it.

Read on to know more about this topic. 

Building Blocks For Toddlers

Building Blocks toys are one of the best educational toys for kids, of different ages, because it consists of bright multi-colored parts that any child will certainly like. 

Kids’ building blocks are not only an exciting game but also a simulator that introduces the baby to colors, shapes, and symmetry. 

There are many ways to play with these blocks… 

Making walls, houses, buildings, bridges or any other architectural work for kids is just as much fun as it is fun. 

The best part? 

You will find different sets of building blocks available on the market, and you need to choose one according to your kid’s age and abilities to maximize the fun. 

Besides, you can introduce these blocks from the early months, as long as your child can coordinate his movements. 

At first, of course, everything barely adds up, but the baby learns and becomes a genuine construction professional little by little!

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The Benefits of Building Blocks Toys For Toddlers

Fine Motor Skills Development:

Before turning one year old, kids enjoy playing with blocks and making simple designs of these colorful pieces. 

While combining the different shapes, the child moves his fingers to put them together and take them apart. 

These are not just simple movements…

..they develop the coordination of movements, manual dexterity, and handwork abilities, which parents should pay attention to in the first place. 

Get what suits your baby’s age so he can independently take the cubes and rearrange them, combine and create different designs. 

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Speech Development:

By developing the hands’ motor skills, the child automatically develops thinking and speech abilities.

The parent’s participation is a plus!

While playing together, children learn new words: the names of colors, shapes, structures, and sometimes even letters, numbers, and names of animals that are depicted in their pieces. 

Some of these blocks might make sounds when pressing or touching them, which doubles the fun!

For example, the kid can learn about pets and their sounds or the English alphabet. 

In this case, the child will learn to build simple sentences, ask his parents to give him more detail, or even know the proper way to ask for help.

Logical Thinking Abilities:

To assemble what is shown in the picture or build something of his own, your kid needs to combine the parts correctly. 

To do this properly, he needs to think, imagine the subject, and understand how to do it, making these blocks great tools to develop the child’s logical thinking at an early age!

Creative Thinking Skills: 

By implementing his ideas into the constructed objects, the child develops his imagination.  

Thus, your baby learns to make decisions, extract, and apply the knowledge gained. 

This positively impacts the decision-making abilities… 

Such children in adult life quickly (and adequately) react to problem situations, and easily find the right and sometimes non-standard way out of any unusual conditions.

Develop Imagination:

Kids’ Blocks are portable educational tools that feature colorful parts and exciting shapes and stickers, so you can build a lot of exciting things with them.

 Such as an incredible building, a fairy tale hero, and a magical world, which will definitely contribute to the development of your child’s imagination. 

Attention, patience, perseverance, and self-discipline:

While constructing a specific shape – like a mini building, your child will have to endure some failureslike a collapsed structure. 

…he will then learn perseverance, restoring everything from the beginning! 

This is a good experience that will help develop in him the desire for improvement. 

Most interestingly…

..restless and super active kids learn perseverance while playing with the blocks, which helps in increasing their concentration and patience. 

Furthermore, the baby also receives valuable skills – like self-discipline, which will undoubtedly come in handy in later life. 

Promotes Socialization:

Often little kids are not friendly enough, fearful, and withdrawn when meeting new people. 

That’s said, co-building teaches the baby to share and find a common language with peers. 

By assembling the blocks and creating a design, children communicate with each other and learn to negotiate, cooperate, and make proper contact, allowing them to master communication skills. 

Gross Motor Skills Development: 

Some blocks play not only develops the imagination and fine motor skills of the child, but also the coordination of the legs. 

So, any kid will definitely like the blocks that come in a car or truck shape. They encourage kids to get up, move on, and set down again!

Such activities help promote gross motor skills development at an early age. 

The Takeaway:

Child psychologists have proven that figurative games contribute to the acquisition of skills necessary for adequate perception of the world around them.

That is why the blocks game is not only an exciting toy but also an excellent assistant that helps to acquire the proper behavior and instill the necessary skills. 

Most importantly, such playing is a great tool for bringing the family together, because it is instantly ready to take dads, moms, and grandparents into the wonderful fantasy world. 

One has only to turn on the imagination – and an ordinary game will turn into an exciting learning experience!

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