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How to Teach Kids Math

May 11, 2022

Research shows that around 20% of school-aged children struggle with math, with many falling behind their peers.

Math is arguably one of the hardest school subjects, and yet it’s also one of the most critical for life. Understanding math concepts is essential beyond the classroom, from creating a personal budget to succeeding at work.

Help your children (or child) ace this tough subject. Keep reading for tips on how to teach kids math the right way.

Make It Relatable

If your children perk up at video games and DIY slime but scoff at math, there’s a way to keep their attention during homework time: combine both.

The more relatable you can make math, the better. Connect math concepts to their favorite hobbies or TV characters. Use fun math games, or follow a yummy recipe together that uses fractions in its measurements.

The best way to teach kids math and help them understand core ideas is to relate it to their life.

Don’t Cover Too Much Too Soon

It’s tempting to rush children through math so they keep up with others—or even exceed their grade level. But doing so may only cause them to fall behind later, and it can be difficult to recover once this happens.

Only go at their pace when teaching math to kids. Make sure that they master one topic before building onto it.

Quiz them and ask if they have any questions to gauge their comprehension. Once they are confident with one math concept, level up, but continue going back and refreshing on older concepts as needed.

Understand Their Learning Style

Math can be tricky for anyone, but it’s especially hard if it’s being taught in the wrong style.

Knowing your children’s learning styles can help you adjust how you teach the subject. There are different models of learning styles, but some basic styles include:

  • auditory
  • visual
  • kinesthetic
  • reading and writing

If you’re teaching multiple children with a variety of learning styles and needs, try to incorporate multiple exercises when teaching and practicing math together.

Practice, Practice, Practice

There’s a common belief that it takes 10,000 hours to master a skill. A great deal of this time is spent not on learning the skill but on practicing it.

If you want your kids to succeed in math, it’s important to help them practice each step of the way. Provide practice tools and worksheets, such as a 100 chart, to boost their understanding.

Talk to a Professional Math Teacher

If you’re a parent, childcare provider, or teacher who doesn’t specialize in math, you may want to turn to a professional math teacher for help.

Math teachers know the ins and outs of teaching math to students with different needs and at different levels. They can work closely with students who need extra help, and they may be able to offer you some advice on how to tackle tough math concepts with your children.

How to Teach Kids Math

Math can be difficult, but the right approach can make it easier. Use the tips above on how to teach kids math when working with your own children.

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