Are you preparing to take family pictures for your Christmas card or album? Here is a quick guide on how to dress your kids for a holiday photoshoot.
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How to Dress Your Kids For a Holiday Photoshoot

October 3, 2021

When the holidays are quickly approaching, it’s time to start deciding on what to do for holiday cards and photoshoots. Each year, you and your family want to come up with something unique for your holiday photoshoot. You’ll start by selecting a location and then considering what photoshoot outfit each child should wear. 

Finding the best holiday outfit for your children is sometimes more difficult than finding the right outfit for the adults. To start, you can choose a theme or location for the photoshoot. Once you do this, you can then select the best Christmas clothes for the children. 

In the guide below, you’ll find several Christmas clothes ideas for your little ones. Continue reading below to get the wheels turning!

Christmas Pajamas 

When thinking of a Christmas photoshoot, you don’t always have to think fancy. When you think of the holidays, what emotions or feelings come to mind? The holidays are a time to get cozy with family in the warmth of your homes. 

For this year’s photoshoot, why not dress the kids in their Christmas pajamas? Adults can wear theirs too! You can even take it up a notch by purchasing matching Christmas pajamas and having the entire family match in the photoshoot. 

As you select your Christmas pajamas, keep in mind that you’ll have many different options to choose from. You might want to wear pajamas with Christmas designs on them, holiday designs, or simple holiday colors. The children will be cozy during the entire shoot and you won’t have to worry about complaints about itchy clothing. 

Red Patterns

One of the main colors associated with Christmas is red. When you’re dressing your children for a holiday photoshoot, you can’t go wrong with red patterns. The red patterns can be a Christmas design, or they can be something you’d wear on any regular day as well. 

The red patterns will go well with any holiday card or holiday photoshoot theme you choose. The great thing about choosing red patterns or designs is that every child can have their own unique outfit. As long as all the reds match well with one another, the photos will look great!

All White Outfits

Another beautiful color to wear on Christmas or for a holiday photoshoot is white. Dressing the children in all-white will create precious and innocent photos. When dressing them in all-white, make sure to choose a background that’ll help the white stand out. 

If needed, then you can also mix in khakis or jeans with the whites as well. White dresses and white button-ups with khakis or jeans are a great way to showcase your little angels during the holiday season. 

Red and Green 

The two most popular colors that are thought of during Christmas time are red and green. You can find these two colors just about anywhere you go during the holidays. When you dress your children in red and green for the photoshoot, you’ll then be able to accessorize with many different red and green props as well. 

Tinsel, holiday wreaths, Santa Clauses, and other holiday decor items will fit perfectly into the photoshoot. You can dress each child in a mixture of red and greens or decide to place some children in all green and others in all red. 

Christmas Designs

Once it gets closer to the holiday season, there will be many different outfits with Christmas designs available for you to choose from. You can find dresses, rompers, onesies, and more outfits all with Christmas patterns and designs on them. When making your selection, do be sure to choose clothing that’s safe and comfortable.

A clothing company like Hanna Andersson provides organic cotton clothing for little ones, which is ideal for any children with sensitive skin. The more comfortable the children are during the photoshoot, the longer they’ll be able to take photos and the better the photos might turn out. 

Matching Neutral Colors

You don’t have to choose all Christmas colors for your photoshoot. Matching neutral winter colors will also work well. Dress children in a variety of any neutral colors you can think of. Beige, white, light blue, black, gold, and cream will all work amazingly for the photoshoot as well. 

The great thing about choosing neutrals is that each child can bring their own personality into the photo by selecting a neutral color that works best for them while still matching with their siblings. You can also choose to dress the children all in one neutral color or match blacks and golds. 

Ugly Christmas Sweaters

We all love a good ugly Christmas sweater party during the holidays. It’s a time to have fun, express your creative side, and get a little silly. As you plan your Christmas or holiday photoshoot, why not consider ugly Christmas sweater photos?

You can have each child pick out their own ugly Christmas sweater (if applicable) and plan a super silly, crazy creative photoshoot. Your family and friends will all have a laugh when they receive their holiday cards in the mail this year! 

What Will Your Children Wear For Their Holiday Photoshoot?

With the holiday season quickly approaching, do you know what your children will wear for your holiday photoshoot? There are many wonderful options to choose from. Consider some of these ideas given in the list above, or let these ideas spark some of your own. 

Get creative, have fun, and always stay safe and comfortable. Are you interested in more family topics? If so, then be sure to visit again on a regular basis to find new posts!

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