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Creative Fireplace Tile Ideas to Transform Your Living Room

June 17, 2023

Tile is a great way to add a polished look to a living room fireplace, mainly when you use a bold color or eye-catching pattern. But it’s essential to use non-combustible materials to ensure safety.

Herringbone tiles can add sophistication to a living room fireplace design and pair well with rustic options like brick. But there are many more ways to get creative with your fireplace installation.

Mediterranean-Inspired Tile

A fireplace is often the focal point of a living room, so it deserves an eye-catching tile that stands out and speaks to your style. In this modern design, a gold porcelain tile with a slight texture delivers tons of interest. The bold tile idea connects the floor to the wall and focuses on the fire rather than the mantel.

Fireplace tile ideas like specialty tiles unleash a world of creative potential. For example, picket tiles have a unique shape that can add interest to the fireplace wall. They can be arranged in an exciting pattern or used as borders. This fireplace has the latter application. The geometric shapes of the tiles are a great complement to the wood beams above.

When working with a small surface area, it can be easy to get overwhelmed by color choices. But many small-scale patterns can add an element of interest without upstaging the rest of the living room. Simple subway tiles in zigzag or herringbone patterns are one option. Or, try something a little bolder, like the green metro tiles in this cool grey living room.

Creative Painting

A fireplace is often a focal point for a living room, so it makes sense to dress it in a color that stands out. If a full red brick surround isn’t practical or desirable, cladding it in a bolder tile is a more stylish alternative.

The dark blue tiles here give this room an extraordinary and unexpected twist. The head-turning composition of the pattern works well with the rest of the decor, making this fireplace a design feature in its own right.

Mosaic tiles are often a faff to lay, but they don’t have to be. They come in 30cm sheets, as shown here, which makes them much easier to handle. Using a spirit level to map out perfectly straight lines before applying the tiles will help ensure they look pristine.

A fireplace can be the focal point of a room, or it can serve as a backdrop to other furniture and decorative accessories. A neutral-colored patterned tile can be a smart choice for contemporary spaces, or you could try a more rustic brick-like look to complement a more traditional home.

Subway Tile

When choosing a tile design for your fireplace, you can get creative. It’s a significant focal point in the room and a great place to take more risks with pattern and color than you would with your floor or backsplash. For example, try a herringbone pattern to add personality and texture.

If herringbone tiles don’t suit your style, a zigzag pattern will provide the same visual effect while feeling more modern. You can even mix and match designs to create a unique look that’s all your own, such as the basket weave tile in this living space.

Your grout can also make a big difference in your finished product. Using darker grout against lighter tiles gives your design more contrast, while a light-colored grout makes the blue-glazed subway tile in this living space. As seen in this contemporary fireplace, a textured tile will add another dimension to your design. The ribbed surface of the tile adds texture and a handmade feel to the space.

Carrara Marble

If you’re looking for a bold design element to dress up an outdated fireplace wall, consider introducing some texture to the space. Zellige tiles are having a moment with their rough appearance and varying colors and glazes – but they also add plenty of softness and warmth to a room. They would make an attractive choice for a contemporary fireplace surround or an eclectic accent to a farmhouse-style home.

Long, skinny subway tile is another excellent way to dress up your hearth without overpowering the space. Using them in a herringbone pattern is an easy and affordable way to give your living room a more sophisticated look.

Taking your tile to the ceiling can add more visual interest to an old fireplace. The wavy lines of this traditional fireplace complement the soaring ceiling and wooden beams in this home. They also work beautifully with this living room’s soft green tones and coastal aesthetic.

Green Metro Tiles

Adding texture to your fireplace wall can be done in various ways. From full-wall inspiration to smaller accent walls, tiles with varying glazes, colors, and textures make it easy to elevate the look of your fireplace.

As in this living room, a herringbone pattern is a great way to grab attention and add depth to the surround. The star print tile ties in shades of blue and white fabulously without overshadowing the rest of the coastal decor.

Ceramic tile with a textured finish can quickly bring an earthy vibe to your fireplace. Here, the ribbed surface of these floor tiles adds a handcrafted element to the surround and complements the wood mantel beautifully. Use the same textured tile on your floors and fireplace for a bolder effect to link the two spaces visually. Read the manufacturer’s recommendations for tiling your fireplace and hearth to ensure the tiles can withstand heat, melting adhesives, and smoke. Creating a beautiful focal point in your living room is worth the effort.

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