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The Ultimate Guide to Expired FSBO Leads

November 12, 2022

Expired FSBO leads are one of the least motivated seller groups to work with. While they may not be the most receptive to partnering with a realtor, they are more manageable than other seller groups and are easier to recruit and follow up on.

Easier to Recruit

Prospecting expired FSBO leads is more accessible than prospecting other seller groups, but there are some distinct challenges. FSBO leads can be more difficult to approach, especially when they are not active, but they can be easier to work with once you get to know them. Fortunately, there are several strategies you can use to improve your success. Expired listings are a huge source of business. Using them is crucial to growing your business, and professionals such as https://www.vulcan7.com/expired-fsbo-leads/ can help you with it.

Expired FSBO leads are more likely to be sold than other seller groups. These leads represent potential listings that have yet to be claimed by a real estate agent. They are more likely to be active and willing to work with a real estate agent. However, they are only willing to pay an agent’s commission if the listing is overpriced or in poor condition.

FSBO leads are a good option for agents who are looking to recruit a large number of FSBOs. FSBO listings are limited in number, but they can be very competitive. This means that you’ll need to stand out from the competition. Plus, most FSBOs have already rejected professional representation, so they may be more difficult to convince than a median prospect.

Convenient to Follow Up With

FSBO leads can be a valuable resource for realtors. However, you must remember that you may spend more time and energy contacting expired prospects than new ones. Luckily, several ways exist to convert expired FSBO leads into new ones. Follow-up is necessary for prospecting, but many agents overlook it when facing tough conversations. One of the best ways to overcome this challenge is to create a database of difficult leads that you can follow up with several times.

Another tip is to track metrics. If you’re following up with expired FSBO leads, you’ll know how much you can improve your follow-up. For example, you’ll know if you need to improve your script. In addition, you’ll know what time of day you’re calling. And you can also monitor the consistency of your script. These metrics will help you identify missed conversions and goals.

The best way to follow up on expired FSBO leads is to provide value. These leads are often more responsive than other leads and will eventually list. They’re sure to list if you’re consistent and give them what they want.


There are many reasons to have expired leads in your database. For one thing, they will likely be interested in selling their home. They have often tried to sell their home for months or even a year, and they’re looking for a new agent. You should never call them unless they’ve explicitly asked you to, as this is considered a violation of their privacy and may even be illegal. Additionally, you’ll risk your number getting added to complaint directories and blocklists.

The best way to get in touch with them is to build a list of their email addresses and contact them weekly. You can also look for a social media group with FSBOs and try to engage with them. If they’re receptive to your services, try to turn the conversation into an appointment. 

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