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The Benefits of Using a Certified Auto Body Shop for Collision Repair

June 16, 2023

After an accident, most insurance companies provide a list of shops they recommend you use for repairs. However, you don’t have to work with these shops if you don’t want to.

Shops certified by manufacturers can offer you several benefits that other shops can’t. Some of these benefits include:

High-Quality Parts

Certified body shops use genuine OEM parts engineered specifically for your vehicle. This enables your car to perform as it did originally while offering superior reliability and enhanced safety on the road. Many shops have a network of top auto parts dealers, so they can usually supply any needed replacement parts very quickly.

Modern cars are much more complicated than before and require specialized skills, tools, and equipment to repair correctly. Certified body shops constantly upgrade their skills and knowledge to keep up with auto manufacturers’ evolving repair procedures.

Check whether your insurance company has a list of approved shops, and ensure the shop you choose is certified for your vehicle’s manufacturer. It’s also good to ask the shop about their warranty, so you can be assured they will stand behind their work. Many certified shops offer lifetime warranties on their work, so this is a good indication that they are confident in their ability to repair your car properly.

Faster Repairs

When your vehicle gets damaged, you want the best repairs quickly. This is why many customers want to utilize a body shop that can finish the repair fast and has a connection to their insurance provider.

These shops typically have access to superior parts guaranteed by the automaker to fit perfectly and function as they should. They also have a network of top dealers who can speedily supply any necessary replacement parts.

Choosing a certified auto body shop Denver CO can save you time because the technicians will know your specific make and model. In addition, the shop will learn how to work with your car’s unique features and technology.

A specialized technician trained by your vehicle’s manufacturer can diagnose problems with your electronic systems and repair them accurately. This is especially important for high-tech safety systems like automatic emergency braking. Using an untrained technician to fix these systems can cause them not to work properly and could put you at risk.


Certified shops are committed to quality repairs and have a network of superior suppliers that can quickly supply replacement parts. This ensures that the shop can return your vehicle to its pre-accident condition.

As long as you own your automobile, the repair is covered by a warranty from a licensed shop. This is a significant advantage over insurance-preferred shops that typically only guarantee their artistry for the policy’s life.

The warranty from a certified shop will also help you file a diminished value claim if your vehicle has lost some of its value following the repair. If you have a problem with your repaired vehicle within the warranty period, you can have the body shop fix the issue free of charge.

OEM certification does not guarantee a shop’s quality but assures that the technician follows manufacturer guidelines. This can make a difference in the repair’s overall quality and provides the customer peace of mind.

Customer Service

When you use a certified shop, you’ll get genuine parts manufactured by the same company as your vehicle. This means the pieces will last longer and keep you safe on the road. Certified body shops also have a large network of parts suppliers that can quickly order what they don’t have in stock.

A qualified shop will collaborate closely with your insurance provider to guarantee that all repairs are completed appropriately and by your policy’s limitations. They can reduce your stress by assisting you with the paperwork and dealing with the insurance company on your behalf.

Additionally, if you select an approved shop from the insurance company’s list, they will guarantee their artistry for as long as you own your vehicle. That’s a good deal at a time when you’re trying to restore your car to pre-accident condition and driving it as safely as possible.

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