Exploring the Benefits of Travel Nursing Jobs

July 8, 2023

Many nurses choose the nursing field because they want to help people in some of their most vulnerable moments. By testing different cities and facilities through 13-week contracts, travel nurses can amplify that impact. The perks of being a travel nurse include deluxe housing and license reimbursement. This lifestyle can be a great way to avoid burnout and stay refreshed in your career. When most people consider travel nursing, they think about adventure and the freedom that comes with a career on the road. While both are true, many other perks of travel nursing assignments might need to be more evident to those considering this unique career option.

Work with a Staffing Agency

Many travel nursing jobs in Montana are available, and some offer great pay. The compensation packages often include competitive hourly pay rates, shift differentials, and overtime. Some facilities also offer completion bonuses and other incentive payments. Another perk of this position is the flexibility that nurses enjoy. They can choose their assignments and take time off between assignments. However, some cons travel nurses should be aware of. For one, they must pay taxes in every state where they work. And, because they are constantly moving around, their tax returns can be complicated. They must hire a professional to help them avoid costly mistakes. They will also have to pay for their housing, although some travel nurses choose to rent furnished apartments through their staffing agency. Travel nurses are also required to maintain a permanent home for insurance purposes.

Experience Different Places and Environments

There are many reasons to become a travel nurse, including the opportunity to work in different parts of the country and gain experience. Travel nurses can also take assignments near friends or family members, which may allow them to spend more time with them. During travel nursing assignments, you’ll learn from experts in different healthcare fields and develop new skills. You can also build up your resume by working with several employers, making you more attractive for future assignments. Travel nurses also meet people from different places, neighborhoods, and cultures. This can be a great way to expand your professional network and form lasting relationships.

Develop Skills Outside of Nursing

Travel nurses take on different assignments at various healthcare facilities, including small rural hospitals and large medical centers. This variety in workplace settings can help nurses better understand their preferences and what work environment they enjoy best. For example, one assignment might require working at a high-level trauma center, while the next could place the nurse in a children’s hospital. This helps the nurse determine their ideal workplace and can assist them in finding a permanent nursing job. As they move from assignment to assignment, travel nurses meet many new people, both permanent staff and fellow travelers. These relationships are often valuable sources of camaraderie and advice for the nurse. They also help to build a solid professional network that they can draw upon for support and assistance in the future. This is a benefit that many travel nurses appreciate and cite as an essential part of the experience.

Earn More Money

While it may seem counterintuitive, traveling nursing jobs can offer more lucrative salary packages than full-time positions. For one thing, travel nurses often receive tax-free stipends for housing and meals, as well as shift differentials. Additionally, many staffing agencies provide perks like referral, sign-on, and completion bonuses. Travel nurses can earn higher salaries by accepting contracts in highly needed areas. Rural communities, in particular, are impacted by projected nursing shortages, making them ideal destinations for travel nurse contracts. Lastly, travel nurses can maximize their pay by signing up for rapid response postings. These are assignments in facilities that need nurses immediately and can pay up to 25% more than usual.

Travel the Country

Working in a new location, each assignment allows nurses to explore the area, meet people, and build memories. It’s also a great way to get experience working in an area you may want to settle down in long-term. Additionally, the flexibility in travel nurse contracts allows individuals to choose how long they would like their assignments to be and where they want to work. This means they can visit friends in their home city on breaks between nursing contracts without worrying about missing work. For example, an individual may be interested in a large-scale teaching hospital but would like to see how they feel about living there before committing to a permanent job. This way, they can determine whether or not the environment and team are a good fit before making a final decision. This invaluable experience demonstrates an adaptable attitude, which many employers value. In addition, traveling nurses often receive tax-free housing stipends that can add up quickly. As a travel nurse, you will work in various facilities and areas across the country, allowing you to experience multiple cultures and ways of living. You will also be exposed to new workplaces and different types of medical practices, which can help you learn more about your interests in the industry and help you find what type of long-term career fit you want to pursue.

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